psychosomatic it won’t block me as an artist….

hmmmm… be honest w/ my self the almost more than 6month hiatus or hmmm… better called in the middle of the “shadow world”…. it’s quite hurt the time i force myself till the end of point that i called i couldn’t endure the designing world for the first time… I understand the time that hand be so important to designer to express their self in design (okay i don’t want so selfish w/ my statement to hurt other great artist who not use hands as his media to express)
i still have two complete hand to do  my work but the your own hand lost his feeling and appetite to show who i am as an artist it’s hurt a lot…. it’s hurt like you lost both of your hand it’s like you lost your soul… for the first 3 month i can endure i still can did my work i still can draw my work as student… i still can build the design or develop the design w/ mind but it start me to create my own world to express and stop me to interact w/ people around me.
i start to lost my ability to describe what’s in my mind, decrease my ability to speak out, and start feel hurt when i draw… almost everyday i lock my self in my room try to solve w/ my own but i didn’t work, it’s make worse than i can imagine… i just can express my self w/ crying when i start hold a pencil feel like hold a blade that can hurt me….
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