when u said no, sometimes it would be the best

hmmm…. continue from the last journal…. i’ll tell that after the psychosomatic problem with my right hand that stop (or called pause… lol) i try be honest to my self what kind of problem that i get that time… i try to solve by myself, but i couldn’t i just feel that i would better end everything and runaway… i know it won’t solve my problem, maybe gonna make worse that i always runaway from my own problem…
After the long battle with myself i make my own decision i go back to rest… i starting to do hypnotherapy to help to cure psychosomatic on my right hand… it feel more relief day by day and give me time to reflect who am I and what aim that i will achieve in future… my terapist guide me step by step to open that what i always burden in my mind give let me to forgive my own self that i always blame….
learn be more and more strong to said “no” to myself and give myself to understand that I can achieve what i want when i said i will with action and self confidence… it’s hard to starting over again but i understand that the pain that i feel now, the gain to understand who am i as human being that will guide me to achieve my goal… cause of that i now feel come with new attitude…
u can called my bitchy, u can called me backstabber, u can called me mean… but i’m not that easy person that other people can use as their own tools… i have my own life also….
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