the type of boy that i hate the most…. lol…

hmmm… the title quite make other people that i’m a boy hater…. hope not(i’m still normal u know…. kkekekekekekkkk)…. wkwkwkwkwk…. lol… okay… let begin the story about that…. hmmmm…. i dunno it’s me to much think about boy or this kind of boy really annoying an need give a bit learned about other people matter…. ckckckck….
let call this boy mr.shi* uppppssss…. i didn’t have but i feel to annoying…. i’m quite free person don’t like other people to interference my own life…. if u said my egoist i’ll answer yes if u call me evil person i’ll said i’ll be your evil creature if u disturbing my life….
come back to 2month ago i meet my old friend trough my best friend… it’s quite okay from the beginning… i know last time this boy (okay i call this man boy cause his attitude fucking childish… upppsss….) is quite close to my another best friend… lets call this girl msy and had broke her heart cause that time they really close till hook up each other even i know my best friend actually didnt like this type of boy, but in the end he end w/ another girl…. omg…. (one blacklist criteria : backstabber boys, ckckckckck….) how annoying this kind of boy…. kekekekekeke… gonna kill him that time… hohohoho…..
hmmmmm….. am i quite stupid or to innocent can be close to this boy that already play w/ my best friend heart…. i guess not…. i know which part of my life that know this type of boy gonna play w/ girl heart….
okay it’s seems in almost 2month we still contact each other by bbm it’s okay for me that time cause i quite boring (like usually beginning of term not really have work and just need time to think about inspiration) lol… i still replying his messenger and play(actually it’s already annoy me cause he always message me on the middle of night (time that i really treasure cause i have habit to wake early morning) but i know i just ignore i don’t really care cause he need respect me)… wkwkwkwkwk…. but i the middle the true face come out already…. annoying part begin…. he try be honest (okay let’s call honest… lol) open about his life and try go in my personal….
in the beginning i almost go to this trap (geeeez why i call this step trap…..ckckckckck ) it’s make me feel in the middle of the problem…. and come out w/ the bunch of empathy to him…. try to comfort him… try be the friend that gonna share the happy and sad…. but…….
his true face come out and start make me wake up from the nightmare which begin w/ the good dream… he try and try go to my life without know which his status (hate this type of manner) try asked me where and torture me…
when i came back home for shot weekend w/ a work that i need to finished, i told him i’ll be hangout if my work done. i keep my promise… my work done and i have a little free time to spend, i spend all w/ my best friends go hang out and enjoying the weekend (w/ him also)… but i know i need keep my distance… i know i need concern w/ my work not w/ him.
the last day of my weekend at home i got message from my friend to hang out for the last… i told her that i need go to dentist… and i know i need rest cause tomorrow i need ready early for my flight…. he also message me and try to persuade me to go out w/ him n my friend… i said no cause i need go to dentist. n guess what he replied…. he asked me for what i need go to dentist…. ckckckckck…. i know he also study dental (he in studying dental school) but u need to respect other people personal life… i said u don’t need to know it’s my business… and that time end… (love that moment actually cause finally i can said no to him) but the worse moment come after that…. after i never got any message from him… he message me in the middle of night said that he want to die…. what the hell….. i should i do huh….. that kind of message that i need to give…. be honest that time i really busy and i can see his true attitude… what kind of boy that really ungentle man just easy can say die without give reason why…. is it just try catch my attention or just try be the open person…. that time i really busy and still annoy because of his attitude last few day…. i put my status become “please don’t disturb me even you want to say i wanna die” i dont want satirize to him personal actually but just express my feeling (give him a little test to ope his true face actually) and the result…….
he message me again w/ “why u put you status like that i’m really stress why u so evil” OMG….. really…. it’s really like a girl attitude not an gentleman….
i dunno i dont want guess but i hate this type of boy…. the annoying boy… the boy that always catch attention girl with his stress and tough…. it’s really childish and really ungentle man….
i know i dont want just share bad story about him… and this story it’s not really detail to express who is him. this story come  from my sight as imperfect person…. i don’t really hate him but i guess i know now who am i a person.
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