You are loved (Don’t Give Up)

You are loved (Don’t Give Up) _ by Josh Groban….

Seperti lirik lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh Josh Groban… i think its the spirit that i need now…. i dunno why… but after one the incident last term w/ the bad temper lecturer (its quite bitter experience but i need learn to face that kind of people now or in the furture its part of my life learn) this term in my manufacturing class i suppose to design a bicycle… huaaaaaaaaa…. quite interesting but… in fact i even cant ride bike u know… geeez…. how you can design a bike in fact me as the designer cant ride bike…. huaaaaaa…. that gonna be my tough challenge me to design.

okay back to  the You are loved whose sing by josh groban…. this time i really blur an random… i dunno why…. instead learn the common language that usually Asian people choose for their good like u know…. english, mandarin, france, germany, japan or any favorite language that people gonna love to learn… i learn Italian… wow… sound cool…. perhaps it’ll be sound cool…. hehehehehe… let see…. i dunnow after interest in Italian language… i dunno why… its like random n acccccccchhhh…. just said its random pick n i just realize that Italian was usually i listen from Josh Groban songs…. okay in fact he is Italian people… i also just remember … lol… hehehe… quite interesting… lol… guest not… hehehehe…. narrow minded mode on again…. now i just hopping that the learn italian will be inspirate me n give new path where i gonna go for the future….

another reason that i’m interest of Italian cause…. i have another two reason actually… okay lets start with the first reason… last time (forgot already when but it could be 2years ago i think) one of the Italian designer came to my college n share his lecturer… that time i really like how the teach in itally are more like you can be the artist or can mo be give you ego in your own art… its really inspired n really low my mind…. hooooooooooooo…. too extravagance…. lol.,,,

the second reason why i choose Italian… cause when i heard Italy i’ll think about fashion, pasta, lasagna, shoes (mind mapping mode on), i always heard that Italia is the best country to learn shoes design… after last term project design shoes… i really want study design in there… a lot of building and part of Italy really make me feel go there one more time or more…

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